SL WHITE GRANITE SLABStone stairs after the cut after counterStone stairs after the cut after finishing.tan hoang minhsl white granite

SL White Granite Slabs polished ( Big Flower )

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Product Description

SL White Granite slabs is the main product of PhuTai 380 company, with the advantage of mine and its own factory, the quality and output are very stable.

SL White Granite Slabs has harmonious black cotton. With different types of cotton in different mines. Make sure to satisfy all your needs with patterns suitable for each client’s preferences.


1st grade stone

1st grade stone


With reasonable price and durability over time, white stone streams are now widely used in all projects from small houses to large projects.
White granite streams are wiped with very high hardness characteristics, especially hardness is higher than that of stone …, with this hardness white stone streams to mop meet a lot of use.
Entire project sidewalks: companies in industrial parks, walkways, white rocks and streams to pave the way. The sidewalk is lined with white rocks and streams to withstand the power of motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians..

phố đi bộ 2

White stone streams with long-lasting abrasion resistant long lasting shade is very suitable for exterior walling and flooring items that create an ancient space but still modern.

sl white granite

Colors are courteous and especially do not fade over time, white rocks stream clean finished with a smooth surface is very convenient for cleaning the bathroom. It is these characteristics that are used in the residential segment. From wall tiles, floor tiles, staircases, kitchen countertops, and even used as decorative stones for every purpose of the designer.



kitchen counter

Kitchen corner SL White Stone

kitchen counter

The edge of the stove is very luxurious.

Stone size: most popular is size: 60 cm next to that also the size: 70-80-90-1000 cm. With a thickness of 16-20 mm, length <3400 mm.
The 60cm crush is commonly used because:
They can be 60 * 60cm wide, with large backpacks and walkways, 30 * 30cm for ground flooring, columns for home, garden, 50 * 50cm for office and corridor use.
– With a size of 60 cm can be easily separated from the stairs, level up and down, the remaining used to make woolen walls, stairs wool, …
– Size 60 cm easy way to style kitchen 61 * 100-200 cm or 62 * 100-200 cm, … to maximize the reasonable use of stone more reasonable.
In addition, the large size of 78-80 cm is usually used with the way of the projector, the stairs, elevators face, large corridors in the whole house.
The size of 90-100 cm or more is used in the facade of buildings, walls, lounge, elevator types.

sl white granite slabs

Stone stairs after the cut after finishing.




SL white Granite Slabs

1) Top surface polished, other sides sawn.

2) No cracking, no patches.

Place of Origin

Binh Dinh – Viet Nam



Surface Finishing

Polished, Honed, Aged, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Bushhammered, Tumbled

Popular Size (cm)


Loading Port

Qui Nhon port, Binh Dinh province, Vietnam

Delivery Time

Within 01 week after order’s confirmation


80 containers per month

Payment term

L/C – T/T – D/P

Min order

450 square meters

Packaging Detail

Wood Pallet by export standard

Delivery Detail:

8-9 pallet, 45m2 per container.

Recommented used

Kitchen countertops, bath tops, stairs, columns, sinks/tubs, slabs



sl white granite slab certificate

sl white granite slab certificate


Business License


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008





Packing and loading

packing and loading violet phutai380

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