Beautiful, durable, and long lasting, natural stone isn’t just for the lobbies of mansions and skyscrapers anymore. You can have this luxurious material for your outdoor space. But if you really want to stick with the best and most durable, then granite or basalt is your best bet. For those who are considering granite and basalt for their next remodel, allow all of us to persuade you that they are an excellent choice for your home.


Granite and basalt have excellent versatility, and can fit with nearly any garden, paving and outdoor steps decorating style. They has traditionally been used as flooring in high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies, front halls. Because its hard surface can stand up to even the toughest traffic, they will stoically bear the brunt without a hint of damage.


Granite and basalt are also resistant to moisture and water, making it suitable for using outside like pavers, steps, landscaping and so on. Especially, granite isn’t only resistant to stains, spills, and moisture; it is also resistant to heat. This makes it an excellent material for radiant in-floor heating, because your floors won’t be damaged by the fluctuations in temperature and will always stay cool.

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