For you living room, basalt tiles are a marriage of history, design, technology, and extraordinary stone. Silky smooth to the touch, the natural honed finish of our basalt tile is refined and luxurious. The basalt tile is ideal for just about anywhere a bold statement is needed, whether inside or outdoors.


Basalt tiles are available in two modern and contemporary colours, light grey and ebony – both beloved of architects and designers and suited to any modern environment, especially as a stark and striking contrast to minimalist white walls and surfaces.


Besides, granite stone is also considered very stylish for furnishing your living room. Its homogeneous look and crystalline finish makes it very attractive to designers. Granite flooring is durable, hard, scratch and stain resistant and also available in variety of colors.


To make your house become more luxurious, to pamper the walls or the floor of your living room, Granite and Basalt tiles are the best and the most reasonable option existing in the present times.

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